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Originally Posted by dshaz6344 View Post

We are finding that on okcupid with being honest about our poly relationship in our profile, we get alot of lookers but for the most part we are getting snubbed. Any advice?

Personally, I've found what works best on profiles on OKC is to explain. I don't just say I'm poly, I explain what that means to me, which is romantic relationships, honesty, openness, whether I am looking for long term or not. I also do explain that I am not looking to date couples together but am open to dating individual people that may be in a relationship with each other.

Now saying that, if you just list what you are looking for or not looking for, it's typically a turn off. Talk about you, then add in at the bottom the important stuff. Oh and be prepared for a lot of wading. No matter how I say not interested I still get couples and guys that want a 'discreet meeting'. Still, if you are willing to wade through it, you will find those pearls in the dust!
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