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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Just so things stay on topic as much as possible:

I do understand that modding a board is hard work. I run two right now and even with the help of a couple of staff members, it's difficult. Can't be everywhere at once, and I get it. I also have a pet peeve of staff making things personal. When I feel overly frustrated I try to let another staff member know and let them deal with it if possible. Or if not, if it MUST be me dealing with things, I run my notes, letters, PMs past them first to make sure I'm not coming off harsher than I need to.
Exactly. Personal takes on someone just don't fit when you're a mod. There is no room for that. A member is a member is a member when the mod hat comes out. That is why its important to have two hats and realize that no matter if I operate from two hats or not, people are still going to see me as mod first.
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