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Um, well, let's see...we don't do unprotected sex unless we're fluid bonded with a partner. (Fluid bonding involves testing for STIs and the understanding that sex with folks who aren't bonded has to be safe.)

Other than that, I'm sort of at a loss. I prefer that any dates meet my wife early on, to make certain that they register that I am married, my wife knows I date other women, and that she's OK with it. Anybody who would refuse to meet my wife isn't somebody with whom I'll get involved.

I know of people who find the idea of rules useless. They only get involved with people whom they trust to deal honorably with all involved and who will break off ties to anybody who can't behave decently. That's about where we are.

That said, a set of negotiated rules can provide security when learning the ropes. There are lots of folks who have rules and have had rules for years.

So, I don't think there's any generalized approach to it. Some folks have lots of rules, others have few, still others have none.
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