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Default I don't mean roll over indefinitely

But it definitely helps dealings with the fears that initially crop up. Again I am speaking in the context of spouses who desire to transition into some flavor of non-monogamy with a goal of not splitting up. People tend to get a little weird, and it can help some people overcome those fears.

From your posts, I get the feeling your level of freedom to love in your relationships, is complete and total, and there is definitely something to be said about those who can maintain healthy relationships while being completely free, I can respect that, and see how my suggestion would not work at all for you in your situation. For spouses trying to make it into the pool, so to speak and find themselves in a make it or break it type situation, what I suggested can help people stay together.

But nothing can keep people together who are not compatible, and it does end up making everyone miserable when people try to stay together when they should not. My suggestions are geared more towards keeping people together that are compatible, but might not understand or be able to find a way to make it work for them

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