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Originally Posted by CalShep View Post
Instead I like to get to hear a seductively sexy tale of his evening with his GF. It enhances our love life. And if GF wasn't OK with it I would respect her wishes. I understand it came across wrong because of my mood at the time. It was less about the details and more about the overarching fear that he'd suddenly changed his mind completely on everything we'd talked about and was shutting me out.
I'm glad you recognize that her feelings about what is shared are important. It's good to have respect for our partners, metamours, friends, acquaintances, etc.

Keep in mind that these rules you two have set up and are trying to abide by are entirely figments of your continued agreement. In your quote you were panicking a bit because you thought he'd changed his mind on something you'd talked about... it is unlikely that this won't happen at some point in the future. Peoples opinions change on topics, viewpoints get altered as we go along, what we once thought was our worldview suddenly seems to be something different altogether.

What I'm saying is, while the topic seems to be on your mind anyway you might as well start coming to grips with the fact that he may very well walk up to you one day and say "You know what, that thing we talked about, I don't think that's right anymore..."

An agreement which can't be modified when circumstances change stinks more of a law.
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