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Hi Mike,

I think the most important issues that any series about polyamory should address have to do with communication. Not just, "lots of communication" (though lots is usually good), but also, "a good quality of communication." This tends to involve things such as:
  • complete honesty,
  • being a good listener,
  • courtesy,
  • compassion,
  • going easy on the blame and guilt,
  • expressing wants and needs,
  • working together as a team,
  • coping with jealousy.
Jealousy tends to be a complex (and highly individual) set of thoughts and emotions, and in order to cope/deal with it, one must get to the bottom of the mechanisms that are driving it.

Some of the common roots of jealousy are:
  • fear of abandonment,
  • fear of inferiority,
  • sense of being left out,
  • sense of owning someone,
  • one's own needs not getting met.
So to summarize, how one approaches jealousy and communication are probably the two key things that can make polyamory work. In my opinion, those are the things to focus on. Others may have additional ideas to add.

Kevin T.
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