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Originally Posted by reallynicepeople View Post

We are long time lurkers here and need the experience of the group to illuminate the path a little more for us.
We are a poly couple that are looking for another poly couple to learn to have closer relations with. We have tried through Craigslist posting in misc. romance with mixed success. We know there are more people like us in our area. We have found the old poly enigma of meeting a couple where one member is super and the other not so super. We have been in a long-term triad that happened on its own. We have met others separately and found that we enjoy exploring ourselves and others together rather than apart. So we kind of know what we are looking for. We just are having a hard time finding our tribe. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
This is a very common question with unfortunately very few good answers. poly+your city = to find groups or forums.

Good luck.
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