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Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
When my friend asked, "On [Doc]??", the question immediately conjured the image: Doc in a ball gown of a past era. That would be just plain funny, mostly because he wouldn't even try to carry off the look. He would just stand there, all incongruous, oozing irony.
I was chatting with Vix on FB just now - our default form of communication when she's in Europe and has access to wifi. She's back at Doc's house, packing for her flight home tomorrow.


I told her about the image I had of Doc in a ball gown, in the context of telling her about the last few posts to this thread. I wrote that I thought he would play it deadpan, but she replied that he wouldn't be able to keep a smirk from his face.

I guess she does know him better than I do.

As for my chat with Vix, we're mostly writing back and forth about practical matters, her return, future travel - we're all going to the UK this summer, and have arrangements to make for that - and even yard work.

It's so utterly ordinary . . . which is a refreshing change.

(And yes, I did tell her what I think of how she looks on a ball gown, and I have expressed to her how, um, eager I am for her to be back.)
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