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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
"I'd like to see that!" <-- I love this reaction to your friend fishing about Vix and Doc! Well done, sir.
Thank you for the vote of confidence.

Thing is, I said it because it's true. Doc is a tall, skinny guy who comes across as very reserved and, perhaps, just a little distracted.

When my friend asked, "On [Doc]??", the question immediately conjured the image: Doc in a ball gown of a past era. That would be just plain funny, mostly because he wouldn't even try to carry off the look. He would just stand there, all incongruous, oozing irony.

It's especially funny, though, because Vix carries off the look so well. I mean, she's just stunning in that get-up.

(Not that I'm biased, or anything.)
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