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I'm really excited about rory and Ivy! I've known Ivy a bit longer than rory, not very well though, but we've met a few times in meetups and are facebook friends. I've always had a good impression of her. If she and rory end up having a relationship, she's definitely the kind of person I'd like as a metamour, so this is awesome.

I also find it really funny how me and rory have been somehow involved in the beginning of each others newest dating thingys.

Originally Posted by rory View Post
But I met this genderqueer woman just briefly in a group thing, and then she mentioned to Mya that she thought I was interesting and cute and since I had thought that about her, too, I asked her out.
To elaborate a bit: Me, rory, Evan and Ivy were all in a meetup. Ivy had met me and Evan before and we were chatting a bit. She mentioned an event and invited me and Evan there. Then later on facebook she sent me the invitation and then I realised it was the day of mine and rory's anniversary. I wrote to her saying I can't attend and mentioned rory. That's when she realised that rory and me are together as well and mentioned that I have a cute partner. I told her that rory had mentioned to me that she would've liked to talk to Ivy at the meetup, so is it okay if I tell rory that Ivy thinks she's cute. She said go for it, so I told rory that. Then rory told me she thinks Ivy is cute too and that I can tell her that if I want. So I did. And that's when they started writing to each other. I was basically the matchmaker here!

Then me and Hank:

Originally Posted by Mya View Post
I told him that he should just ask someone if he wants to make out with them. I had mentioned to rory earlier in the evening that I think he's interesting, so after that comment rory looked at me in a certain way and kinda coughed loudly. So after that I asked Hank if he wanted to make out, and he did. Yay for encouraging girlfriends!
When it comes to me and Hank, neither of us made the first move, it was rory! Poly can be so funny sometimes.
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