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It's been stated by the female that the male partner wants to "be fucked" by a guy, which I assume means anally (or at least orally) penetrated. Sorry to be graphic, but since you're not looking for "amor," just sex, one can only assume that.

Originally Posted by ATXGuy
Also, I'm not interested in dating separately, at least not right now. We have discussed the possibility of that later on, but even then I would only be interested in women in that aspect.
No dating separately means no sex unless there are 3 in the bed, or at least the room?

Somehow he only wants to be fucked by another guy if his female partner is there, either to observe or participate. I guess that makes it more exciting... and maybe makes it feel "less gay." Maybe it's OK if the female feels romantic things for the hypothetical new partner? Maybe it's OK if the hypothetical new partner feels romantic things for her? How much deep love is "allowed," while male partner merely gets his rocks off?

How much does the female want from a new partner? What is her desire? She isn't doing this as a sacrifice, I assume? She wants sex and maybe love/romance with another?

I recommend this couple do all the reading they can here about unicorn hunting, rights of unicorns, pitfalls of triads, to inform their search in "adding a third" to their relationship.
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