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A whirling dervish of a weekend. Lots of dancing - joined a week-long intensive that started Friday eve. A 1.5-2hr class each day plus about the same again in practice if I'm going to keep up. Most excellent insanity.

Friday night: Grotto and I went out to a poetry gig. The words, vibe, location all very good. Walked the 40 mins home with him. Managed to choke on the same bottleneck we always do. Something happens to unsettle me. I want time/space to think on it. He instantly wants to know what's on my mind, let's unpick this together baby right now. I feel rushed by his impatience. He feels infuriated by my retiscence. etc etc etc

At one point it definitely felt like we were fighting but it's all kissed and talked out now And, as always, I feel we've covered more ground.... and yes, we're getting better at this.

Saturday: morning making-sure-we've-made-up sex with Grotto. Dance. Art date with Ocean to continue on Painting the Didgeridoo part two. Dinner with Merva, Bert and a couple of their work friends. Flatwarming at Grotto's new place (Ocean came with me, but bowed out early; Plinth turned up much later.) It was a stay-up-til-the-sun rises affair. A lovely crew of friendly folks. A Grand Time Was Had By All.

Sunday: brunch at Grotto's place (hash browns, avocado, and pimped up baked beans - added onions, mushrooms, chilli & dark chocolate and topped with grated cheese). Home to a quick touchbase with Ocean. Dance... 3 hours of it... oh. my. god. Pain. But so happy.

Plinth lives near where my dance is, so I got in touch with him afterwards to see what he was up to. He invited me round for dinner... fuck, that boy knows what to do with a kitchen. <3 <3 <3 We got plenty of conversation in, including a couple of topics on which I'd wanted to make sure we were on the same page. Was fading towards the end (not having had much sleep) so scooted home...

Now it's nearly midnight. Have slipped into bed beside Ocean. He is still, and warm, and peaceful. I will sleep well tonight.
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