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Default This mornings developments.

So Mrs has been in touch with J this morning (B is still ignoring us both). Apparently it was S there last night, and J does still have feelings for him, and he knows this but doesn't believe that she is really in love with him. B is also unaware of this. She said that while she was happier being poly she has abandoned pursuing it with B as all it does is cause arguments between them both, which she doesn't want. If anything all this has me slightly more confused. I feel angry that she has to be untrue to herself in order to preserve her relationship with B as he won't let her be who she is. I am angry that I have had to fight for 6 months to see her when she is obviously still seeing S. I am frustrated that I don't know whether there is any chance of a relationship between us - most likely not but without a definite answer there is no closure.

Should I pursue a friendship with her? Should I cut them out, as much as it would hurt? Should I try to find a new partner?
Bio in Brief: Me and Mrs open and swinging. Mrs also seeing A. Recent relationship breakdown with J and B.
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