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This is one of those things I think is being OVER thought. I am out. I pretty much just am. However, I understand the whole, 'time and place' kind of thing. DH and I met in catholic school, we saw a wonderful teacher black balled and dismissed because she had the AUDACITY to have an interracial child. We all KNEW she married a black man but he was never allowed on school property or to pick her up and she couldn't show pictures of him on her desk. Didn't matter that he was a police officer (might have been detective) and they were in a healthy and happy marriage. It had to be ignored and never spoken of. Having a mixed child was impossible to ignore so she was gone. Period.

Though the two of us had gone to this school for years, for him most of his school career, we were unable to get married by any of the churches there for the same reason. It happens.

Now, while I am out, I am also respectful of the fact that DH works in a rather security sensitive job. So really, not best to be seen macking on a boyfriend around his co workers. Honestly, it's not this stifling suffocating issue! I just respect that it could do more harm than good for his job and his CAREER to be seen as a queer poly gal by his work. He's a rather private person anyway and doesn't see why coworkers should know anything of his personal life. So fine. I don't have to be on my guard every minute or anything like that.

I just don't see why it's such a huge deal. I like being naked, but I still put on at least a robe when there's a knock at my door! Not a massive inconvenience, just a little thoughtful.
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