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My MIL seriously sent me flowers because my relationship ended. What the hell? I should not be surprised. I already knew that she takes things to another level. The note attached was laced with sarcasm. I know she never supported the relationship or my belief in poly.

She was never outright disrespectful, but my ex knew she was not welcome. That lead to her spending some holidays without us. I always had the option to let my children go with Matt and stay with her, but I kind of wanted to be there for Christmas and such. We alternated every year to make sure our children were able to see their grandparents. The sad thing? Si's parents have asked to see them today. I am in quarantine due to having step throat, and to reduce exposing everyone, I am staying out of the way. I have no problem with them seeing my children. They have been part of their lives since birth, so I am not trying to block them. They have three sets of grandparents. What child would not love that? Is that a perk to poly? It just might be.
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