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Default "Do you know Doc?", redux

Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
I think I need to decide on a policy. Vix has chosen to be open, but only to a point. She tells more trustworthy (or at least unavoidable) individuals that she occasionally travels with Doc to attend events; that she needs to be away from Atlanta in order to breathe, and Doc has a house in Germany that is too big for him and otherwise empty; and that they enjoy one another's company. As far as she's concerned, that's all anyone really needs to know.
Originally Posted by hyperskeptic View Post
I'll think about this more, and pay attention the next time someone mentions Doc in my presence. I'll report back how I respond, and how it goes.

It will be good practice if I end up with another relationship of my own, especially if it's with someone in this same community.
So I was at a party last night and one of those in whom Vix confided most of the story asked me, "Where's [Vix] this evening?"

I told her Vix is off on her travels. The interlocutor asked: "On what continent?"

I said, "Europe," as if to say, "where else?"

(I note in hindsight that I was not the least bit nervous or flapped about all of this. Others not in the know, including a number who don't know Vix very well, overheard the conversation but, at the time, I really wasn't concerned about that.)

I described the big event Vix and Doc attended, one that involved formal attire from a past era, in an extraordinary setting. I said, "There are hoops involved, and a corset."

She made a joke of it: "On [Doc]??"

(It was pretty clear to me she was fishing for information, and maybe trying to gauge my reaction as well.)

I laughed, genuinely. "I'd like to see that!" I said.

There it is, then. A test of my resolve to be a little more courageous when people go fishing for information about Vix and Doc, and to be a little less concerned about what others think of it all.

I hope I passed!

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