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In general, I have such an appreciation for the atmosphere I have in my life right now. All the people I share intimacy with are so supportive and loving and happy about what I have in my life - including intimacy with other people. And they express it in words, as well. Plus, I have that kind of thing also from other people: a friend has a pretty active dating life at the moment and we're really excited for each other, and also liked that Evan sent Mya a text wishing us a good time yesterday.

I feel like I'm swimming in a sea of happiness and openness and empathy and compersion - getting it and giving it. It is a really really good place to be. Feels really good, but also I'm starting to think it has a lot to do with the way I feel able to live life to the fullest in every respect, doing and thinking and feeling a lot of really enjoyable, awesome, satisfying things.

I think that's kind of what the post about (fb) openness is about, too. I'm finding all of this so pleasant that I'm that I want to do things that promote more of it in my life. This kind of mindset is what I want in my life and for myself and for people around me.
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