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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
There's also the problem of allowing ongoing blogging about monogamy in one instance and then telling other folks who show up that they can't post discussions of monogamy elsewhere. As we won't support discussion threads solely about monogamy on the other boards, we can't support blogs solely about monogamy.
Please justify your claim that her blog was "solely about monogamy." I believe it's been very well established that this never was the case.

Are you actually worried that allowing this one blog opens a floodgate of monogamous people coming to a polyamory forum to discuss their monogamous relationships? Does that not sound utterly ridiculous to anyone else?

We allow discussions about cats, provided they're on the correct board. By your logic, this opens the doors for people talking about cats on any board. Unsurprisingly, this has not happened, establishing that your fears are unfounded.

Your behaviour comes across as a need to exert control over other members of this board, rather than execution of justified duties as a moderator. That another moderator is in public disagreement with you about the validity of your actions leads me to believe that you were acting outside your prescribed duties.
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