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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Because-the more she's written since your comment-the more I tend to beleive that when she said she wasn't poly it didn't mean "I am no longer poly in my heart" as much as "i am no longer free to do poly" (reasons don't matter for my point).
Originally Posted by Phy View Post
Thanks for understanding, LR. That was why I wasn't able to understand the difference, because that's exactly how I saw it. Maybe there is too much interpeting going on in my case, but I got the impression of 'work in progress' as well.
Diddo. This whole situation exploded less than a month ago. It's been nothing but turmoil ever since. It's hardly enough time to take someone at face value when they say "Screw this, I'm done with poly." Please. A little bit of experience dealing with people tells you when to just "go on what they say" and when to "use your brain to read between the lines."

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I, for one, am not going to be one of those people who puts poly so high on a pedestal, just because I am, that I cannot accept that others chose their own path and need my compassion and support for as long as they think they need it. In the context of FOL's blog, I think its valid for her to write about whatever she feels is part of her process from poly to mono.
Exactly. If it was 6 months from now and she's started getting over the grieving period of losing her relationship with Si and coming to terms with being basically forced into a mono situation, then maybe MAYBE that's the time for the cold bucket of water.

The slippery slope argument is a falacy for a reason. "I don't know where to reasonably draw the line, so I'm drawing it at step 1" is completely ridiculous.

Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
however if people READ WHAT I WROTE and not what they imagine i must have meant that i didn't write
You've been on this crusade lately, accusing people of putting words into your mouth. And yet you regularly use sarcasm, which is exactly the act of saying one thing and meaning another.

Connect the dots, BG. If "everyone" is interpreting you wrong, maybe it's not them? Maybe, just maybe, you are the one who is not communicating your thoughts clearly enough.

Drop the attitude already.
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