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You and your husband can figure out what it is that you both want. Do you want to maintain separate relationships? Do you want to be in a triad where you will have a shared love interest? Would you prefer more of a quad type dynamic where you are involved with another couple? It depends on what you both want. Create a hybrid of any of the above. If everyone's happy and all needs are being met, great!

I think we'd be open to a triad or a quad, though a quad appeals to me more. Either way, I'm not particularly interested in separate relationships, since it was the togetherness that I really enjoyed. I'm a little less hopeful for this, though, after reading some of the threads; it seems like a lot of people would find this stifling.

Hi, Kevin! Thanks for the site tips, I'll take some time and peruse those.

If you meet someone on a platonic level and get to talking about poly, then they can decide how they feel about it without any "pressure to agree." Then if they do decide poly doesn't bother them too much, and some kind of romantic connection subsequently develops, you'll already have "had the poly conversation" with them.

Wow. This seems so obvious, but it would've never occurred to me. I prefer to start romance as friendships as a general rule. Passion isn't a constant companion in any relationship, so I think it's essential to have a solid foundation outside the bedroom.

All that said, there is no need to be in a hurry. Take your time, be yourselves, try not to look too hard, and wait patiently for the right person/s to come into your life.

Solid advice for anyone looking for love Thanks so much for the advice and support! I look forward to a more informed foray into poly.
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