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Originally Posted by Dirtclustit View Post

Only you and those involved with you will know for sure what style of compromise best suits your relationships, but in general, it seems like the people have much better success with being hyper-respectful, and then humble when asking for any ground on anything that is important to you in regards to boundaries of your relationships. Many people will disagree with that statement, however I have found that showing hyper-respect often works like an eraser and sometimes magically erases all problems.

I've never heard anyone use the term hyper-respectful before, and I'm curious. Can you maybe explain how it would be done in a hypothetical conversation, or something? I don't want to hijack the thread, maybe it should be a new thread?
My partner and I have very different levels of "being out" about our same-sex relationship, and as we move closer to poly relationships, I feel sure the topic will come up again. This concept seems like it may have some real value. Thanks!
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