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I felt like I'd been hit by a truck. All along I'd been afraid that W wasn't telling me everything, that I was being played for a fool or manipulated. Now I felt like all my fears had been confirmed. That W and H had planned all of this out from the beginning. That H didn't really want to be my friend. W was genuinely remorseful and upset, but I didn't want to talk to him.

The next day when H messaged me I told her that W had told me everything. She was devastated. She told me that none of it had been a lie, that she never planned for it to happen the way it did. She told me she loved me and I told her I didn't hate her or W...that there were just things I wanted to understand, that we needed to talk about it. That's when her husband started banging on the door (she was in the bath). He had logged into her FB account and was reading everything we were saying to each other.

W and I were scared for her that night, and when she came into work the next day she said that K had taken her phone and iPad from her so she couldn't talk to us anymore. He told her she was like a puppy dog...if anyone showed her the slightest attention she'd hump their leg.

K insisted that they go see a therapist. When H went to see the therapist alone a couple of weeks later, the therapist told H she believed K had narcissistic personality disorder.

It's been a good six months since all of this started and it's been a roller coaster like you wouldn't believe. I couldn't have imagined any of this ever happening. Now we're in this limbo state where we all love each other but we can't be together, and I wonder if we ever will. I've tried to focus on supporting H as she deals with the realization that K had been abusing her for years. She has years of emotional scar tissue to deal with. She believes everything is her fault, that she's a terrible person and no one could ever love her. We tell her how wonderful she is and that she deserves to be loved, but I guess we have to be patient. It's just killing me watching what she's going through, how K treats her, and I wish I could say the magic words that would give her the courage to leave him and find happiness.

I'm sorry this had been such a long and disjointed introduction. I'm just a mess.
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