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The messages between H and I stopped because she knew K could access her Facebook account. The only way we could communicate was through her work email, and W and H saw each other at work. I started moping around the house like a sad puppy dog. I missed her. I hated feeling left out during the day when W and H were at work together. I wasn't jealous...just wanted to see her too, and wondered what they talked about when I wasn't there.

W and I talked about our feelings for H. Neither of us knew anything about polyamory, but we both felt like we wanted her to be with us. I met H for lunch and told her how I felt, and she admitted that she felt the same way. That being with us felt so natural that it scared her.

She invited me to drive with her to her hometown a few hours away for her nephew's birthday party. On the way home she was telling me how scared she was that K would find out she was seeing me and send me the email. I told her she had nothing to worry about...I already knew about the emails and I wasn't mad at her or W. She said she had no idea what the email contained, so I replied, "How bad could it be? It's not like you two were taking about meeting up for sex."

H was quiet for a moment and then said that W might have asked her where she was staying once, but she laughed it off. When I got home I felt like I had to ask W about that. Had he asked where she was staying because he wanted to meet her there? I was afraid W wouldn't answer me honestly even if I asked him point blank. So I told him H had admitted something to me and asked if he had been keeping something from me. He denied that there was anything more than what he'd already told me, but he seemed worried. I just kept telling him I wanted him to get everything off his chest, and finally he told me that they'd met at her hotel twice and had sex. This was a good year and a half before.
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