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I can see why someone such as the husband in this thread might reject describing himself as "bisexual" around people who don't know him, because to some people who are bi, they DO like to kiss and cuddle and hold hands and be romantic with partners of either sex. Some self-labeled bisexual people ONLY kiss-and-cuddle but don't have sex with partners of one sex, but do all of that with partners of the other sex. So the term "bisexual" does not comprehensively describe the behaviour of everyone who applies the word to themselves. But i'm looking at the word only - bi means two, sexual means of or pertaining to sex, and sex can mean different things but when used with bi in front of it usually refers to sex as pleasure/recreation rather than an act undertaken with reproduction as the goal.

So again, i affirm that it is descriptively accurate for the husband to self-identify as bisexual. See, i'm not even putting the b-word in quotation marks because it's a thing now.
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