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I think i owe an explanation about the comment in the other thread about "do you do the same thing at your job" or something to that effect. I said that because i think (and i guess i could be wrong about this, after all i work at Harvard so i should be used to smart people who do stupid things) that someone who is a physician and holds people's lives in their own hands should be able to think critically and clearly in other areas, and one of those areas involves collecting and collating data and using it to arrive at a conclusion (not at a convulsion like i almost just wrote accidentally). I mean, when you read a lab report that doesn't agree with what you thought was wrong with the patient when they first presented, do you wing it and assume the data is just wrong, or do you investigate further and try to figure out what is really going on with the patient?

This is not an analogy to what just took place on this site. This is an explanation of why i think a person with a degree in medicine is too intelligent to invent things that other people didn't say, because they have proven they are by graduating from medical school. Unless they got a degree from some place in Central America. Then all bets are off.

And no, i did not just say "you probably got your medical degree from some third-rate place in Central America." that is not what i said at all.