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I didn't mean it like that at all. I was simply giving him (i was primarily responding to his post, not yours because this is really about him and now that he's here i see more benefit to addressing him directly than addressing your questions on his behalf) my permission to use the word "bisexual" even though he doesn't want to "kiss-and-cuddle" with another man. I also wanted him to know that just because "bisexual" is a "label" that doesn't mean it isn't a perfecly good vocabulary word with an existing definition that matches up with how he describes himself and does not automatically carry the "extra baggage" with it unless you let it. And if you acknowledge that extra baggage as something that has power over you, then feel free to not use the word.

That's all. You don't owe ME an apology. However, i can't speak for the other people who have posted in this thread.
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