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Q is concerned that limiting his time with Miss M to once a week will lead him to resent me. I understand his point of view. We're working out a compromise. He saw her two evenings this week, one with all of us, and he went over there this morning, which was fine because I slept through most of it.

Our hang out last night went well. Q told me that Miss M was particularly nervous because she knows that this whole thing would end if I gave the word. I wouldn't do that to either of them without a damn good reason. I can't even think of a good enough hypothetical-yet-realistic reason right now. I did tell her this.

Q is having a terrible time with condoms. He's never had to use them consistently, and has only gotten off once with Miss M. He's asked me to work on my feelings about the hardware restriction, to see if that would help. It's worth a shot.
Me: 30yo wife
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