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I don't think the issue is whether or not you are "anti" anything BG.
The only issue I brought up regarding your posts in that thread have nothing to do with you being anti-the thread.
It was simply with the comments asking if someone can read (obviously they CAN read or they wouldn't have responded to anything in the first place)
suggesting that they don't listen in their real life so why should you expect them to here (when you don't know them in their real life)

those types of comments are unnecessary and they come off as completely rude.

It's all good and well to say it's the readers problem if they interpret writing one way or another, but when the consensus among many readers is that certain manners of writing come off as rude-it's generally a good idea not to write in that manner unless one intends it to be interpreted as rude. If that is the intention-then again-the blog/life stories blogs isn't the place for it.

In some areas of the board that may be more tolerable.
In someones blog-it's just flat inappropriate and rude to antagonize, criticize and question someone's real life abilities based upon a reader's interpretation of the authors writing. It creates a violent atmosphere of communication. In a lifestory/blog thread-it's harassment.
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