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LOL! OH MY GOD! If I didn't write things down I would lose myself! Totally understand that one!

here's a very short-not highly detailed-quick run down of the common forms ADD/ADHD are separated into.

"Inattentive Type": Trouble Paying Attention just like Winnie the Pooh
"Classic ADHD": Tiggers like to bounce, and may have ADHD...
"Over-Focused ADHD": Rabbit tends his garden, but is not "flexible"
"ADHD with Anxiety": Piglet is nervous and worries...
"ADHD and Depression": Eeyore is always so sad...

Something I found very interesting when we took my oldest daughter in. We didn't take her in for ADD. We took her in for depression and suicidal ideation. But anyway-they went through this list of behaviors/attitudes etc that seemed so broad. It was the list of common traits/behaviors of ADD/ADHD. They noted that it is often very different in "appearance" in girls/women then it is in boys/men.
For females-it tends to come out in a sense of perfectionism (or failure to meet those make believe standards) and result in severe depression-which is often seen via sleeping too much, eating too much, lack of energy, lack of motivation etc. (the exact opposite of what we think of when we think of ADD/ADHD).
"Typical signs of ADD in girls include:

Difficulty maintaining focus
Easily distracted
Disorganized and “messy”
Difficulty completing tasks
Slow to process information and directions (It may even appear that they aren’t hearing you)
Often late (poor time management)"

This is an interesting article on the difference:
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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