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What’s always interesting to me is that it would appear that of all the things Jesus told us to truly fear it was sex.

Jesus was never asked a direct question about sex outside of marriage.

He was asked a direct question about divorce. It was a trick question to see if Jesus would contradict Hebrew traditions and customs.

His response to the question about divorce was that it was permissible only in a case of sexual immorality.

In later translations of the words of Christ the word immoral is replaced with the word fornication. This is an important distinction but it doesn’t change the impact of what Jesus said.

Sexual immorality is socially unacceptable sexual behavior. Fornication is sex between two unmarried people.

The translators who wrote the King James version of Christ’s words using the word fornication wanted to make it clear that to them sex outside of marriage was unacceptable in 1607 English society.

There is no doubt that in the present day evangelical church it is immoral or socially unacceptable for two people who aren’t married to have sex.

There is also no doubt that many people who believe Jesus is God and try to obey His commandments are not a part of the evangelical church.

Are there universally accepted standards of sexual immorality that have never changed by individuals who obey Christ’s command that we love each other as much as we love ourselves?

My list looks like this.
• Rape
• Deceit
• Betrayal
• Abandonment

In fact Jesus said our greatest enemy is materialism.

Treating each other as possessions is materialism at its worst.

From my experience, a question every couple whoever they are deals with on a regular basis.

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