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This is an interesting topic outside of the mod aspect that is up for debate (I am speaking here as a member). Thanks for bringing it up LR.

As a member here who has her own blog, I have been known to write about my mono relationship with one of my partners. I also have said before that I am sick of poly and would prefer to be monogamous. To me the journey continues and if I were someone that decided I am mono I would eventually say good-bye to and go and start a blog somewhere else when I am ready. The novelty of writing on a poly forum would wear off and seem ridiculous after a time. The fact that this hadn't happened leads me to believe that FOL was still processing and therefore it is very relevant to write in her poly blog about that process. Besides, there is years of experience behind her and that process into monodom is likely a difficult one for her.

I welcome her writing in her blog if it makes the process to monogamy easier. After all, people go back to monogamy, and that is all part of the poly journey for them. Poly doesn't always last forever. I am willing to support someone that has decided to take a different path if it means they are satisfied with their life and find contentment. Mono... poly, whatever. As long as you're healthy what does it matter? Who am I to judge where someone is at on that spectrum at any given time?

I remember when I discovered that I wasn't a lesbian after all and had to come out to my lesbian community that I was actually bisexual. Some decided that I was not allowed in the club anymore and that I should move on then (boot to ass) if that is what I wanted and go and find other people to hang out with. At a time where I really needed support, understanding and love from them I was pushed out. I, for one, am not going to be one of those people who puts poly so high on a pedestal, just because I am, that I cannot accept that others chose their own path and need my compassion and support for as long as they think they need it. In the context of FOL's blog, I think its valid for her to write about whatever she feels is part of her process from poly to mono.
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