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I hear what you are identifying as the difference.

My only other questions regarding that initial post are-

how were we to know this post was a mod decision vs you expressing your personal opinion (not being smartassed here-I am asking because I know that some posts are just your personal thoughts and some are your mod thoughts.
I realize it was spelled out later-
but in that first post-which is what I originally responded to-what was the detail that would tell me I shouldn't question it?


I wonder if it might not avoid such an uproar in the future if such mod discussions were kept via pm with a poster? Because-the more she's written since your comment-the more I tend to beleive that when she said she wasn't poly it didn't mean "I am no longer poly in my heart" as much as "i am no longer free to do poly" (reasons don't matter for my point).
That was my impression to begin with-and it does mesh very well with Galagirl as an example. Because GG identifies as poly-inside of herself, but she "can't" live poly (due to personal responsibility choices).
Therefore-by many standards she is "not poly". Because her actions aren't poly.
I think this technicality is what caused the confusion & I think it's an important detail-because we are talking about people from a variety of different countries/backgrounds and languages. Without verifying that FOL meant it to be she was done with poly period... versus "I am trying to find a way to function in the new reality I am faced with in order to not risk my kids being drug through a court battle of grand proportions" (which she was clearly threatened with in point blank terms, publicly on this board).
When one considers the whole of what was posted-instead of just hte one or two posts in her blog-it becomes clear, this is a poly person who is in duress.
She may work through that duress and be mono.
But what if this is just this weeks survival mechanism?

I get-where do you call the line.
But-I think the answer to that is certainly not reasonable to draw the line at "they said it once" ESPECIALLY when we KNOW she's under duress. Anyone with a high school education knows that regardless of how well a person may appear to be handling it-what has happened in the last month in her life has created an emotional and physical strain. Thus requiring a little extra consideration that what comes out of her mouth may be momentary.
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