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You know-the sarcastic snotty responses to a question that started with saying maybe I missed something-
create an atmosphere of hostility.

It's unnecessary and it's unhelpful.

I happen to like GG.
I don't happen to know if I like FOL or not!

I simply wanted AT to explain the reasoning (which he started to do) behind a post which started with "in my opinion". It didn't start with "the moderator decision" or any other indicator that it was a mod decision and therefore unquestionable.

In that thread and this one-conversation WITH THE MOD and the OP were going FINE until you added your caustic, snarky attitude, demeaning others intelligence, and memory & generally speaking down to everyone in what comes across as a very inciteful, spiteful and pisspour manner.

I think everyone would benefit from you exiting the conversation-any time you feel so strongly that you are tempted to be snarky, demeaning, spiteful, etc. You are NOT A MODERATOR & by adding all of those types of remarks-you aren't helping anyone see AT's points. It's just creating more anger, defensiveness, hostility and increasing the chances of other people (myself included) in retaliating in like manner. AT (and other mods) don't need this type of back up. In fact, their writing and their decisions seem to be taken much better when you, me and the rest of the board DO NOT try to back him up by being complete jerks.
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