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The difference is that GG has stated that she/they wants additional relationships but are a "closed polyship of two" (not a "closed monogamous partnership" etc.) due to focusing on child raising and elder care. There is no comparison on that level.

You people really don't pay attention to anything anyone else writes, even if you LIKE the person. Somehow, i was able to remember something so fundamental about GG, without going to look it up, and i even have her posts blocked because they all say the same thing. How is it that other people who think GG is so great could not remember something so basic that she explains to people over and over?

Good communication requires that the parties involved pay attention to what the other is saying, and i have observed tremendous failure at this quite often on this forum. People add things to what someone else says and ignore things someone else says often more times that i care to keep track of. I just stop considering those folks' posts as having valuable content.

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