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Once again, W being so excited, lunch turned into meeting at a hotel, and the idea of a threesome became a reality. It was scary and exciting...kind of an out of body experience. We were all nervous and giddy and none of us really knew what we were doing, but it was amazing. We all left high on the experience and wanting more.

W and I talked that night about H. If we were going to continue this she couldn't be just a sex toy. It seemed to me that a relationship (whatever it turned out to be) between three people was no different than a relationship between two people...everyone involved should be on equal footing.

We met for "lunch" again a few days later. That night W and started talking about the history between H and him. I asked if there was anything he hadn't told me...maybe I was suspicious because of the way H's husband had reacted to her spending time with me. W admitted that they had sent emails, not just texts, and that the emails had been extremely sexual. W would give H a play-by-play whenever we had sex. Once he told her about a fun night we had and she said she'd like to do that with him. W also told me they had fantasized about what it would be like to have a threesome with me.

That information gave me an uneasy feeling...that maybe I had been set up? That maybe they had conspired together to have H and I meet so that their threesome fantasy could become a reality?

The next day W told H what we'd talked about the night before. She was extremely apologetic and promised that she had truly wanted to meet me...that when she used to travel here for work (before she moved here) she was lonely and wished W would introduce her to me. When she asked W where I got my hair done he showed her a picture of me and she was like, "Wow!"

We met for "lunch" once again and H admitted that a few weeks before we met for sushi her husband had confronted her about the emails between W and her. Apparently he had logged into her email account and saved one of the emails on a thumb drive. He wouldn't tell her what the content of the email was, but made it clear that if she didn't behave herself he would send me the email. According to H, she was terrified that K would make good on his promise, and she didn't want it to ruin our marriage. She thought if she met me and we became friends she could do damage control or soften the blow should K ever send me the email as he had threatened.

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