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So apparently I was just in a blah mood with my last post.

Good poly news (hopefully). Primal talked with Lamian about the stuff that has been pushing him closer and closer to leaving her. She promised to make the changes he said he needed her to make.

I have my fingers crossed but I don't know if she'll be able to do one of them. When she first started dating Darkeyes the conversation they had about that was that Darkeyes was going to be her secondary and Primal would be her primary. Within 4 months (and no conversation with Primal) Lamian decided that Darkeyes and Primal were going to be co-primaries and since then she's really kinda neglected Primal to less than a secondary (need fulfill order kinda became Darkeyes needs, Darkeyes wants, other friends needs, Primal needs, Primal wants). So for nearly 2 years she's seen and believes she has treated them as co-primaries. She is adamant that she doesn't want to lose either of them and Darkeyes has stated he wants to be her primary so I just don't know if she starts to put him back as a secondary and if he was to pull away if she could continue with it.
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