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I had an interesting conversation with my oldest and dearest friend. She will be in London in about 7 hours. Her timing is perfect.

My friend has no issue calling me out and keeping me humble out of this hype. She has always been the one to bring me back down to earth. She was here last month, and we spent the day together. This was about a week before it all collapsed. She predicted that something big was about to happen. When I told her about the breakup, she said it had been a long time coming. She had always accepted Si and welcomed her. I cannot say they were the best of friends because they never really spent loads and loads of time together. Through all of this, she has opened my eyes to many things. Things I did not want to see. In the grand scheme of things, we all played out parts, but I see that I could have done things differently.

The first week of this transition has not been too bad. It will require time and approaching it with caution. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow or next week. The end has been met with mixed reactions. I have been urged to reconsider. Why? So I can keep giving my marriage half of my attention and grow even more distant from Si? That sounds like an explosion waiting to happen. Would she have come around one day? Who knows? Should we have put the plans on hold to move? Maybe but would that have been fair to our daughter? I am not in the business of breaking my childrens' hearts to appease others. As their mother, I am supposed to do what is best for them. I owe no explanations for that. I was afforded many options because I had a solid and strong educational background. It starts at the foundation. According to some, I need to put my empathy and compassion for my ex before my child. "Take into consideration that she has lost everything in under a month, and now, you are trying to move the children she loves to somewhere that you can only reach by 18 hours of flying." Tis true. Heathrow to Changi is 11-12 hours and then the flight to the actual place is another 6-7 hours. Should I ask my child to pick another school because mummy wants to keep her marriage and relationship afloat? I would never ask that of my child. I have asked her numerous times since the search started. Time and time again, this is the one she chose. I asked her why to make sure she had valid reasons. She said she felt comfortable and liked the classes. They are very structured, but starting next year, she will be learning a foreign language and taking music lessons. They encourage children to be well-rounded and to strive for excellence. As parents, we are already proud of her being vocal and taking an interest in things that involve her.

I was trying to salvage both. Even with the move in place. I was willing to try a long distance relationship and meet her halfway. I think the distance would have helped. Being in the same city did the opposite. While it was not face to face cupcakery, we would have still been together. It would have just taken more effort and energy to maintain it. I guess we will never know now.

Well, I am off to the salon. I think a change of hair colour is needed. Excuse any typos. I am updating from my phablet (phone/tablet).


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