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Default Thank you Polynerdist

I read Polynerdists Post and

(not quoting it as it's so long but it's earlier in this thread if you didn't read it PLEASE go back and read it)

I felt compelled to share my feelings, the DEPTH of movement in my soul by this post on the board which by accident (I saw that RP had seconded someone else's post and found her post confusing-so I scrolled back through the thread to get a better understanding).

I read this post by Polynerdist (hopefully he won't be offended since you are all able to fully access the post ANYWAY as board members that I have copied it without his explicit permission) and a part of me fell madly in love with a person I've never met (no worries to those who might have cause to wonder-I ain't taking on any new men!).
His words resonate with the TRUTH of who I am, of what I seek, of what I close my eyes each night and dream of as "the life I hope will someday be the life I live in waking hours".

I think that this post-this "thought process" should be re-written, re-posted, and plastered on the walls of every psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor, doctor, rabbi, priests office and on the outer walls of every bar, every grocery store, EVERY BUILDING until the TRUTH is finally seen and comprehended by the world and we as a community of the world (as River would call us) begin to create TRUE relationships, full of TRUE love, full of TRUE commitment, full of TRUE acceptance and understanding not only of ourselves (which is lacking in damn near all relationships) but ALSO EACH OTHER as intimately and we PRETEND we know ourselves today.

Polynerdist should spend more time putting his thoughts out there into the world community and not only his local community or family-because he has the concepts down. I can't speak to his ability to put them fully into practice as I have never met him or even spoken to him.
BUT the first step to putting anything into practice-is knowing what it is, the second is deciding you want it-both of which he's got.

I hope-that he will grant me permission to print this, frame it and then hang it on the wall of my home, because THIS is what I want EVERY PERSON who walks through the front door of my home, of my life to understand is MY "world goal", "personal goal", "family goal" and "relationship goal".

THIS is how I want to to show the world I am an activist for not only polyamory freedom, but for LOVE to even EXIST truly in the world, because the "love" that this world practices, is too often not LOVE at all, but control and denial of fear and lack of knowledge of oneself.

THANK YOU Polynerdist! Thank you.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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