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Default Mono jealousy vs poly healthy

You mentioned that you are very mono. I see that this has somewhat been cast aside by the commenters, so I think I'll address it.

First off, you say you've realized just how mono you are, are you working past this? Or are you going to attempt to remain very dead set on mono? There's nothing wrong with a little healthy jealousy but not too much. Good jealousy is the mild, goes away with time kind. Don't get me wrong this CAN work. Many people are mono and find themselves in a polyamorous relationship. You are not REQUIRED to interact with your metamour but it's optimal.
Personally, although I am not mono, I love being the leg of C's Vee. We are only out to a few of our friends so far but have found that we were pleasantly surprised with how accepting our friends really were.

I agree that you should tell your friends about you being poly before introducing them that way it's less of a shock.

And always know we are here to help you with anything you care to through out, and we're freeeeeeeeeeeee!
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