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It's a sad world when facebook status is more important than family.

I'm out, but not loud and proud. I mention it if it happens to come up in conversation ("You mean your girlfriend girlfriend, or like... your friend who's a girl?") I told my mom because we talk about everything and I couldn't keep something like that from her. I haven't told my dad because we don't talk that much and it hasn't happened to come up. I think I did mention my girlfriend last time I visited, but he's so laid back I wouldn't know if he noticed.

I find that if you go out in the world like what you do is perfectly normal, people are far less likely to openly criticise it. It seems to make them feel awkward for thinking there's something wrong with it when you clearly do not. So as far as the mom goes, just tell her that you're happy and isn't that what she wants for you?
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