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Originally Posted by WaxyZissou View Post
I know I have to support my life partner, and I am doing it her way thus far. This just makes it difficult on my end, and I feel I'm lacking support from her, as she already has other partners.

I guess I know it has to be this way, but I don't like it.
You don't sound really thrilled to be making the sacrifices you are making. In fact, it sounds like you're on a really short leash and are running out of air as you're pulling against your owner.

In my world, a partner who gets involved with me needs to understand that I am not ashamed of my relationship choices; I am actually quite proud. I am "out" to anyone who has a care to listen and I won't play games running away from closed minded twats who would hurt me because they don't like my *personal* choices. If my work proves that they are so petty and backwards as to make trouble for me should they find out ... I'll get another job. Now I gather that your relationship didn't start with any assumptions other than socially acceptable monogamy, but that's no reason you can't change the game now.

We'll all be dead in no time, spending time hiding from the input a backwoods idiot (closed minded family, friends, employers) might have about my choices seems like a huge waste of time.

Personally I hope you stand up for yourself, take some responsibility for your life, and stop letting titles like "life partner" influence what is otherwise your fully functional brain.

Good luck!
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