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No need for YOU to apologize either.
We all grieve in our own ways.
I see no wrong in you not crying right now-or whenever.

I often write out my feelings and that IS my grieving-and I feel so much relief from writing-that there is simply no need for tears.

I do so appreciate you sharing the ups and downs of your thoughts through this!

On the topic of affairs-
(see shamed face here)

I had an affair-and


It's wrong. Period.

But-to someone else's response, it's not true that we can't learn from our errors and change.
It DOES require a LOT of work and self-responsibility.
Many people aren't willing to put that work in.
But some of us are and when we do-we can change.

It's been 3 years 6 months 11 days since I set the record straight,
committed to complete transparency and honesty.
I have stuck to that without looking back.
It's been difficult.
The amount of consequences... omg that was demoralizing!
But-I suffered the consequences, some will go on for life. I've altered my attitudes, my behavior, everything.
I've made a REAL life. An authentic life. An honest life. A transparent life. A happy life.

I hope FOL that with all of this change, there is also some peace and tranquility. Some time for calm and relaxation. Moments of grace and overall, acceptance and forgiveness-OF YOURSELF for whatever you believe you've done wrong.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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