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Originally Posted by raingirl31 View Post
I already have immune issues (I don't build certain IgE antibodies the same way as normal people do, so I have no immunity to mumps, measles, rubella, or chicken pox - those are the only ones I know of so far) but they don't know the cause or whether it could affect fertility.
Interesting, I haven't been tested for immune issues - BUT I have never managed to mount an acceptable immune response to rubella (despite repeated immunizations) and my titers to chickenpox have always been "equivocal" (even though I had the disease in third grade without problem).

I never bothered to get tested because I don't get "sick" any oftener that I would expect - I rationalized that my immune response was just "different" (i.e. the antibodies that I was making weren't the ones that they were testing for). Never really thought about it in terms of my fertility issues...

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