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Yep. Constructive anger management.

And manipulative people will often pull this bullshit so they feel better about themselves - they 'had to' because of so and so, and now it's not really their issue. Thus there is nothing wrong with him because, you 'made' him do it. This lets him get away with refusing to examine his own behavior. Don't take that on. It is not true and real from what you described here.
Agreed -- don't play that game. You have good reason to be upset that he broke agreements and tried to blame shift his behavior on to you. He's not good for your health.

Suffering break up grief stinks, but going back for more of his inconsiderate/risky behavior is even stinkier!

Hang in there. Keep venting if you need to as you progress through your upset. Give it the time it needs so you can heal from this.

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