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Personally, I think if it is going to effect her job, and it sounds like it will, you owe your wife the respect of not screwing that up for her. I understand the need/desire to open and stand by your beliefs. But I also understand that sometimes discretion is a better option.

I am completely open to everyone but my parents. Karma is open as well. When we started working together, and realized our being out at work could put our jobs in danger, we toned it down. It was hard and we slipped a few times but for the most part they just knew that he had a lot of female friends he hung out with.

This may sound harsh, but is your social circle so small or your town so big that you can't explore your relationships elsewhere without endangering your wife's job? Would she be okay with you doing this the next town over? We don't have these worries as my parents are in another state, so we're pretty free with what we can do. But even at that, I still don't understand why you can't go somewhere that you aren't going to run in to someone.
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