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When we first started this crazy ride I asked Karma what he wanted. Why he wanted to keep fighting forward in this crazy new life we were building. He told me his dream was to come home after changing the world to his shaman and his fairy. Well, he's still changing the world, one person at a time. And it may not have been the same fae he was referencing at the time (life has a crazy way of doing that) but he did come home from work tonight to find dinner on the stove and his shaman and his fairy sitting in the living room giggling away.

Pixi took me to my first disability appointment this morning. It was a total waste of time, just re-answering the questions I already answered on the application. But afterwards we came back to our place and just hung out talking all day. Around 3 I realized he would be home from work in an hour and started dinner, the second shared dinner of the week.

We all hung out and Karma being our Dom has decided that every time we picked on him, it didn't matter which one of us started it, we were both earning 'punishment'. To which we both apologized to each other for the future 'trouble' we'd be in and continued to rag on him.

I can't even begin to remember all the subjects we covered in our talk, but I can remember that there was an ease to it that I haven't had since Panda. I've really missed that. I had reservations about Pixi. I may still have some. But I also have a new understanding of a lot of things and can fully respect the woman I am learning about. Nothing is forced, there's no facade, no mask, no forced politeness. We're just us being us. When someone can be real with me, I don't have to like everything about them or agree with every choice they've made, because I can respect the fact that they are being themselves and showing me a real person. That's really all I expect from people, there's just a lot of people who can't do that.

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