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Originally Posted by Rootlet View Post
Word. I totally agree, Opalescent. Seems like a lot of heterosexism and couple privilege in Si's girlfriend's behaviour and attitudes. "yeah, it was fun, but a relationship with a women isn't a 'real' relationship, and now that I have kids, I want to have all the mainstream approval associated with being a monogamous hetero wife and mother." Si should totally dump her sorry ass. Total queer women's nightmare, and why lots of lesbians and mostly lesbians won't date bi women (not including me, but I understand the basis for it). I read something good about couple's privilege recently, here it is:
Wrong, wrong, and wrong. There was no heterosexism and no privilege of any kind. It was a real relationship. My oldest child will be five in a few months, so obviously I felt no need for society's approval of a damn thing.

She should dump my sorry ass? Really? So I am sorry now? Judgemental to highest degree.
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