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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
Yes. Stages of grief is hard.

I don't love it, but when I get to the "I need to act out and be all GRRR angry!" place in that process I know it is at least progressing.

Darts could help. I exercise, clean things, or... break out the axe and start taking it out violently on tree branches.

More productive channels for anger because I get a twofer. Anger expressed, and workout done, house cleaned, yard dealt with -- win for me!

Guard against turning anger inward -- that's can lead to depression. Then instead of climbing UP the emotional ladder you are sinking lower.

Take care of you. Hang in there.


I do the same thing!!! When I get angry I tend to clean like crazy, and get the clippers after a tree or two that needs trimming...
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