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Originally Posted by ATX View Post
How do we explain or express our wants and needs to our prospects?
Like this...

Originally Posted by ATX View Post
He says it isn't the sex that attracts him but sex organs. He says he doesn't find males attractive, but useful in a sexual way. This is not to say he doesn't understand that entering into a polyamorous relationship will include a relationship with another male. He just wants that to be a friendship. A straight friendship. He says he enjoys his intimacy with me and has no desire to kiss or cuddle with a man.
Originally Posted by ATX View Post
My question is: Is he straight and just likes being fucked by and messing around with guys occasionally or is he a certain degree of bi?
Is the classification the important part? He obviously has some urges that are not heterosexual... that would qualify as some range of bi-sexual to me. Though I'm not really sure how that helps him deal with the changes he is going through.

In order to find a community that is a bit more related to what you are doing you might want to use the Google to look up some terms. Start with polyamory, and bisexuality, for example.
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