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Originally Posted by evad View Post
Just from what you've posted, I think your husband has some valid concerns. However, he should have voiced them to you, not the co-worker.

I'm new to this too, but make sure it's not just the newness (NRE) that's got you so excited.
Well, we have been swingers for more than half of our marriage. For about four years. We've been married for six years. So we are very use to sharing each other, but it's never involved emotions like this. Plus, the boys having to work with each other every single day puts a really interesting twist to it.

I went and dropped lunch off yesterday and I saw both of them. They had been talking about me when I showed up, they were both all smiles when I pulled up and I made sure I wore something really cute too. When my husband started walking towards the car, I heard the co-worker tell him to have me come over there and give him a hug and then said it wasn't fair he has me all week. That made me smile so much cause it feels soooo good to be wanted by him.

I'm glad they are talking about things and I know it's hard for my husband to have to work with it but I'm really hoping they learn to trust each other and communicate openly. They have to if this is going to work...
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